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mother's day


​Anna at a memorial service for her late mother Anne
Anne's favorite white carnations were displayed on the altar.
People who were moved by this event later celebrated it as Mother's Day.
A white carnation was given to the participants at this time.
It is said that it originated from the fact that each flower was given out one by one.

That's a very beautiful story.

Such a wonderful day
Flowers for my wonderful mother.

This year's Itabashi
unique and beautiful
We recommend <dyed flowers>

-​Before introducing the product-

​Because we are operating with limited staff
Date and time restrictionsandEarly reservationRecommendations for
​I will make an announcement.

[About reservations] 
For reservations for arrangements and group plantings, etc.
Please do so by the 6th.
(If you order after the 7th, you will only be able to order a bouquet.)

[About delivery]
Possible delivery date is
It will only be on the 3rd and 4th.
​ (not limited to Mother's Day products)
Please note that a separate delivery fee will be charged.
​Delivery fee See below↓

​[About delivery]
Reservations will be accepted until the 5th.
(The final arrival date will be the 7th.)

It will be delivered by Yamato Transport.

Shipping fee See below ↓​


Closed^BDelivery explanation_edited.jpg
Itabashi shipping list.png

​2022 lineup

The above image is for illustration purposes only.
We will make it according to your budget and desired image and color, so
Please feel free to call us.


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